Advantages of Employing a Loss Assessor

Insurance companies operate with their own best interests in mind. As such, there is no guarantee that they will pay you the full settlement that you deserve. By employing the services of a loss assessor, you give yourself the best chance possible to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. 



Independent Advice & Expert Knowledge 


Loss adjusters work for the insurance company while loss assessors work for you. This guarantees that all advice and recommendations are given in line with your best interest as opposes to your insurers.  Your loss asses will help you in every way they can when it comes to submitting a successful claim. 


They are here to provide you with the knowledge, which will help when it comes to negotiating the final claim and put you on a level playing field with your insurer. Knowing what to expect and having the right kind of support can make all the difference when it comes to insurance claims.  



Ease the Claims Process


Making an insurance claim is not an easy process. There are many factors that need to be included and lots of paperwork that can be stressful for people with no previous experience. You loss assessor will ensure that you understand what is required of you and keep you informed of all progress and updates. 


In order to simplify the process for you, your loss assessor will take on responsibility for preparing your claim with all relevant information, making all of the deals and handling all of the negotiations, meeting with your insurer and their loss adjusters, and acting as your personal insurance specialists. 



No Payment Upfront 


Independent loss assessors operate on a No Win – No Fee basis. This means that if for any reason your claim is unsuccessful you will not be charged for their services and will not have to pay anything. 


Fees are calculated as a percentage of your settlement and you will only have the pay your loss assessor upon receipt of your compensation. As such it is in your loss assessor's best interest to work to the best of their ability and achieve successful claims for their clients. 





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