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Loss Assessors Dublin

With years of experience helping both domestic and commercial clients get the amount they are entitled to in an insurance pay-out, Devine Claims Consultants has become one of Dublin’s most trusted loss accessor companies. Our team of claim consultants work closely with clients following an accident that has damaged their property – advising and negating on their behalf, to make sure they get the real amount they are entitled to.

Our loss assessors negotiate with the insurance policy providers on behalf of our clients.

We provide impartial and comprehensive loss assignments that reveal the true cost of damage following an accident that leaves a property seriously damaged.

For the best in professional loss assessment and claim consultancy services in Dublin, get in contact with Devine Claims Consultants today.

Loss Accessors Dublin FAQ

  • What kind of accidents require a loss assessment?

    An incident that causes you to make an insurance claim will require a loss accessor. Some of the more common incidents that we assess here in Dublin include:

    - Fire Damage
    - Flood Damage
    - Burst Pipe Damage
    - Leaking Oil Damage
    - Third-Party Damage

  • How do I hire Devine Claims Consultants for a Dublin loss assessment?

    We make the hiring process as simple as possible. Get in contact with our offices and a member of our customer service team will talk you through the hiring process.