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  • 16/10/2020 0 Comments
    Reducing the Risk of a House Fire in Winter

    As we enter the cold winter months, it may come as no surprise that the instances if house fires are set to increase. During this time, we rely more on our boilers, heating systems and fires to keep us warm and cosy. As we are all home more often, there is also an increased strain or our electrical system.


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  • 04/09/2020 0 Comments
    Advantages of Employing a Loss Assessor

    Insurance companies operate with their own best interests in mind. As such, there is no guarantee that they will pay you the full settlement that you deserve. By employing the services of a loss assessor, you give yourself the best chance possible to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. 


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  • 07/08/2020 0 Comments
    Water Damage Insurance Claims – What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

    When water damage occurs, be it from flooding or a burst pipe, it is easy to feel stressed and anxious. For both homeowners and businesses, trying to assess the level of damage, remove the water from the property, arrange or repairs, and get back into the property, and filing a water damage insurance claim are all very overwhelming tasks. 

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  • 17/07/2020 0 Comments
    Insurance Claims for Fires in Commercial Premises

    When a fire occurs in a commercial property, there are many elements that need to be considered to make an accurate and authentic insurance claim, from damage caused to business assets and the inability to make a trade to the cost of repairs and employees not able to work.

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  • 25/05/2020 0 Comments
    What is a Loss Assessor and What Do They Do?

    Claiming from your insurance company can be a very difficult and overwhelming process. Having a loss assessor at your side not only simplifies the process but takes the stress and hassle off your shoulders.

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