Is It Worth Hiring a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor is a third party who offers professional and unbiased investigative services to inspect damage to property and help a claimant with their insurance claims.

Loss Assessors work in a number of areas, inspecting everything from oil leak damage to house fire claims, water damage claims, commercial damage claims, motor insurance claims, and more. While claims can be brought forward to insurance companies without the aid of a loss assessor, sometimes it can be in your best interest to hire a loss assessment service to help you manage your insurance claims. Here’s how.


Unbiased & Professional Loss Assessment Services

When you experience damage to property or otherwise, it can be extremely difficult to know the exact value of damage sustained. From large-scale house fire damage to devasting storm and flood damage, understanding exactly how much your insurance company should pay you out for repairs can seem like a minefield. As experts in the industry, loss assessors offer unbiased and professional loss assessment services to ensure that the value of damage sustained is calculated in a fair and accurate manner. By hiring an unbiased third party to help you calculate the damage sustained and the amount you should receive, you can rest assured that you’re not being left short when it comes to your insurance pay-out.


Experienced Negotiation Skills

Another massive benefit of hiring a loss assessor to help you claim on your insurance plan after experiencing damage to your property is that loss assessors generally have plenty of experience liaising with insurance companies and negotiating on your behalf. Oftentimes, insurance companies will underestimate the damage sustained after a storm, fire, flood, or natural disaster, and your insurance pay-out could be disappointing. By hiring an experienced loss assessor, you can rest assured of top-quality negotiation that will take place in your favour, giving you a better chance of increasing the settlement you’re owed. Loss assessors are professionals when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, ensuring that you are treated fairly throughout the claims process.


Quicker Loss Processing Times

Another major benefit of hiring the help of a third-party loss assessor is that your claim will generally be processed quicker when you enlist the help of one. A loss assessor’s experience with negotiation, in combination with their prior knowledge of the insurance industry, means that all paperwork and information regarding the loss assessment service will be organised and filed quicker than an individual managing the workload by themselves. By streamlining this service, you can rest assured that your claim will be processed quicker, allowing you to focus on what matters- getting your property repaired and back to normal as soon as possible.


All in all, there are a number of advantages to hiring the help of a loss assessor after experiencing major damage to your property, vehicle, possessions, or otherwise. A loss assessor’s experience, combined with their industry knowledge and unbiased approach means that claiming on your insurance can be quicker, easier, and less hassle than it would be otherwise.


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