Burglary or theft is a potential threat for any homeowner. It is extremely distressing when your home is broken into or burgled. Not only do you have to deal with the damage caused by the break in, but you also suffer the loss of possessions and sentimental items. There is also the added stress and upset of knowing somebody has broken into your home and gone through your private property, clothing and family belongings.

Fortunately, burglary and theft claims are quite simple to resolve for us as our expert and knowledgeable loss assessors will determine the full extent of the damage caused and loss suffered. With our in-depth knowledge of burglary and theft insurance claims and insurance company’s settlement procedures, we will negotiate on your behalf to maximise your entitlement under your insurance policy.

If your home has been damaged in a burglary or theft then contact Devine Claims Consultants before you make a claim

Devine Claims Consultants – Burglary, Theft and Break In Claims

When your home has been burgled, it can very difficult to know what to do until you call us. Depending on the extent of the damage it can be a long time before your house is repaired and begins to feel like home again. This is not helped by the insurance claims process usually as even the smallest of claims can lead to complications. Handling this on your own can be stressful and in the end, many receive far less than they are entitled to without our services.

Devine Claims Consultants has over 20 years experience performing claims management. Our expert and knowledgeable loss assessors will effectively determine the extent of the damage and loss caused by the burglary or theft. We have an in-depth knowledge of burglary, theft and break-in insurance claims and ensure that you receive the full settlement that you are entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burglary & Theft Claims

  • Should I use a loss assessor after experiencing a burglary?

    Yes. By hiring the help of a loss assessor, you can accurately file an insurance claim for the compensation that you are owed, increasing the chance of a better settlement while also streamlining the process of filing an insurance claim.

  • I need a burglary loss assessor near me. What’s your catchment area?

    Devine Claims Consultants is a Dublin & Roscommon burglary and theft loss assessor offering our services across Dublin, Roscommon, Westmeath, Longford, and the surrounding areas.

  • Who pays for a loss assessor?

    The loss assessor fee is usually paid by the policyholder.