Escape of Oil/Kerosene

Escape of heating oil or kerosene is an extremely complex issue to correct. Unfortunately, oil spills can cost an absorbent amount to clean and decontaminate properly. Oil-based property damage must be treated immediately to prevent public health and safety risks. Oil contamination must be treated as quickly as possible to avoid oil spreading to other properties. If you notice any signs of an oil leak, it's imperative to call us immediately. Investigations, site surveys and soil sampling will be required from specialist remediation experts who will check the surrounding terrain for soil contamination. Soil testing is an important part of the site investigation process and assists in determining the potential costs associated with the remediation works.

Claiming for damage caused by an escape of oil is no easy feat. Devine Claims Consultants will conduct a thorough survey of your home and provide a full report of the damage caused by the spill of heating oil or kerosene. We will assist you with all aspects of your escape of oil claim, its preparation and duly negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to get you the best settlement.

If your home has been damaged by an oil leak then contact Devine Claims Consultants before you make a claim

Devine Claims Consultants – Escape of Oil Claims

When your home is damaged it can very difficult to know what to do. Depending on the extent of the damage it can be a long time before your house is remediated and then repaired before it can begin to feel like home again. This is not helped by the insurance claims process if we are not involved on your behalf. Even the smallest of claims can lead to complications you are not aware of. Handling this by yourself can be stressful and tiring, and in the end, many receive far less than they are entitled to.

Devine Claims Consultants has over 20 years experience executing claims settlements. Our expert and knowledgeable loss assessors will effectively determine the extent of the damage caused by the oil leak, even damage that may not be obvious to you at first. We have an in-depth knowledge of escape of oil insurance claims and ensure that you receive the settlement that you are entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Leak Insurance Claims

  • Is an oil spill covered by my insurance?

    It is important to check your insurance policy carefully as many have conditions relating to oil leaks and oil spills. While you may be covered for loss of fuel due to an oil leak, you may not be covered for and oil spill that has occurred as a result of lack of maintenance. Each insurance company will have its own set of conditions for cover. 

  • What damage can an oil leak cause?

    An oil leak is a very serious issue and can cause a lot of damage. Much of this damage is unseen and affects the structure of the house and the health of the occupants. Skin contact with oil can cause acute irritation and inhaling the fumes over a long period of time can cause many different health problems. The escaped oil will pollute soil and underground water. Oil is also combustible so if not cleaned properly is a fire hazard. 

  • Who is responsible for cleaning up an oil spill?

    The person responsible for the clean-up of the oil is the same person that was responsible for the spill. They are also responsible for all environmental work that may need to take place. For example, if the oil spill was caused by a leak in your neighbour's fuel tank but caused damaged to your garden then your neighbour is responsible for the clean-up, and vice versa.