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A Value-At-Risk (VAR) survey can be a detailed report that provides a clear overview of your insurance policy regarding the building, machinery, fixtures, fittings, equipment, stock and business interruption cover. This VAR survey is useful when renewing an existing insurance policy or before purchasing a new policy. It allows you to review the adequacy of your insurance coverage and will help you to make adjustments where necessary to ensure that you are fully covered for your needs and avoid either under-insuring or over-insuring your property.

Devine Claims Consultants will compile a thorough and precise report and provide accurate calculations and figures which are easy to follow, interpret and understand.

A VAR survey will reveal the true value of your business assets and will put you in a position to leverage its full value in negotiations with insurance company’s and ensure that you are fully prepared and fully covered in the unfortunate event of damage or a major loss.

If you require an honest and accurate Value at Risk Survey then contact Devine Claims Consultants