Machinery Fire

A fire at your shop, office, leisure or farm premises is without a doubt a very traumatic and upsetting experience. Not only can the fire cause structural damage but it can also damage your equipment and machinery. If this machinery is vital to your business then you will suffer loss of earnings, loss of profits plus the negative effect on your employees.

Most business owners can underestimate the extent of the damage that has been done, and this is where an independent loss assessor comes in. A professional loss assessor, like Alan Devine of Devine Claims Consultants, will efficiently assess the damage caused to your machinery & premises by the fire. Again we have over 20 years experience with machinery insurance claims and with our in-depth knowledge of equipment and machinery fire claims and the insurance company’s settlement procedures, we will negotiate on your behalf to maximise your entitlement under the insurance policy.

If your business premises and property has been damaged as a result of a machinery fire then contact Devine Claims Consultants before you make a claim

Devine Claims Consultants – Machinery Fire Claims

A fire in your business or commercial premises is an overwhelming and upsetting event and there will be a lot of loose ends you will have to tie up. This is not helped by the insurance claims process. Even a small fire can lead to major complications. Handling this on your own can be stressful, and in the end, many receive far less than they are entitled to without the services of a professional loss assessor.

Devine Claims Consultants expert and knowledgeable loss assessors will effectively determine the full extent of the damage caused, even damage that may not be obvious to you. We have an in-depth knowledge of machinery fire insurance claims and will ensure you receive the full settlement you are entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Machinery Fires

  • How do I claim on my insurance after a machinery fire?

    After experiencing a commercial machinery fire, contact your insurance company and a loss assessor immediately. The loss assessor will assess the cost of damage sustained, which will then be covered by your insurance policy where relevant.

  • Is machinery covered in commercial insurance policies?

    This all depends on the type of commercial insurance plan you have. Many commercial insurance policies will offer commercial machinery cover.

  • Should I hire a loss assessor for fire damage claims?

    Yes. Hiring a loss assessor for commercial fire damage is a great way of ensuring that the policy you are paid from your insurance company is fair and justified as opposed to attempting to assess the damage costs alone.