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Malicious Damage

All properties and homes are at risk of malicious damage or vandalism, but thankfully we find this is relatively simple to deal with and resolve with insurance companies.

Malicious damage comes in many forms and can be as small as throwing eggs right up to arson. Even less severe acts of vandalism like breaking a window or graffiti can cause significant damage and result in a costly clean-up for the homeowner.

If damage caused by a malicious attack or vandalism is not repaired quickly then problems can escalate quite rapidly. For example, a broken window will let water into your home which can cause rot and other water damage if not resolved. Devine Claims Consultants will conduct a thorough survey of your home and provide a full report of the damage as a result of the malicious attack. We will assist you with all aspects of your malicious damage claim preparation and negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to get you the best settlement available under your policy.

If your home has been damaged by a malicious attack or vandalism then contact Devine Claims Consultants before you make a claim

Devine Claims Consultants – Malicious Damage Claims

When your home is damaged it can very difficult to know what to do. Depending on the extent of the damage it can be a long time before your house is repaired and begins to feel like home again. This is not helped by the insurance claims process as it is unknown to you. Even the smallest of claims can lead to complications for you. Handling this on your own can be stressful and in the end, many receive far less than they are entitled to without our help.

Devine Claims Consultants has over 20 years experience performing loss assessing services. Our expert and knowledgeable loss assessors will effectively determine the extent of the damage caused by the malicious attack or vandalism, even damage that may not be obvious to you at first will be identified by us. We have an in-depth knowledge of malicious damage claims and ensure that you receive the full settlement that you are entitled to.