Insurance Claims for Fires in Commercial Premises

When a fire occurs in a commercial property, there are many elements that need to be considered to make an accurate and authentic insurance claim, from damage caused to business assets and the inability to make a trade to the cost of repairs and employees not able to work.


It can be difficult to know where to begin. The team here at Devine Claims Consultants is on hand to offer advice, support, and help you receive a favourable payout. We will make sure that all these essential elements are included and represented in the claim correctly.


Maximise Your Fire Insurance Claim Settlement  

The number one way to improve the credibility of your fire insurance claim and maximise the compensation you can receive is to have concrete evidence of all damage caused by the fire, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. The first thing you should do following a fire, assuming the fire has already been put out and you have contacted a loss assessor for assistance it to photograph the entire property. Take pictures of everything, the floor, the walls, equipment, etc. Then, you should make an itemised list of everything that was damaged alongside the value of the item. If you have receipts for these then include them. If not, make sure you get quotes on how much it would cost to replace or repair these items.


Your loss assessment will be able to advise you on more specific information required by your insurance company. Once all the necessary documentation, information, and evidence have been compiled, the loss assessor will be able to submit your claim for review. The easiest ways for insurance companies to dismiss a claim is through lack of evidence. If you have done your homework and gathered the information to strengthen your claim then this greatly increases your chance of not only receive compensation but that you receive the maximum settlement possible.


Types of Fire Insurance Claims  

At Devine Claim Consultants, we have decades of experience and have worked with clients in multiple industries make successful fire insurance claims. We offer assistance with all kinds of claims including:

  • Pub Fire Insurance Claims
  • Restaurant Fire Insurance Claims
  • Retail Fire Insurance Claims
  • Hotel Fire Insurance Claims
  • Office Fire Insurance Claims
  • Warehouse Fire Insurance Claims
  • Factory Fire Insurance Claims




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